How To Combat Indoor Air Pollution

Did you know that indoor air pollution is a serious ailment that can cause many respiratory problems along with polluting your home? It’s a common misconception that air pollution can only exist outside of the home and that it is not something that could ail the insides. Not only does it affect your everyday life, but it can be caused through sources that started off from inside the walls of your house. As such, it should be dealt with and removed as much as possible in order to keep your living space a safe and healthy environment. How can you do that?

Keep Your Home Airy And Ventilated 

Open up the windows to your home to ensure hearty ventilation and fresh air, this is a simple and easy way to get rid of air pollution as a base step. Although, you should consider the outside environment before you do so, if you live in an area that is affected with air pollution on the outside then it would be better to keep the windows closed and to install an air purifier instead.

Take Caution When Using Fume Releasing Substances 

Fume releasing substances like hairspray, pesticides, varnish etc. should be used either outdoors or in a space of your home where ventilation is a guarantee so that the fumes that they release do not get trapped inside your house and are able to flow outside and replaced with cleaner air, as the fumes can cause a large number of health related problems, including lung cancer.

Stove Ventilation 

Your stove is one of the primary sources of air pollution in your home, so it will be highly favorable for you to install exhaust fans around the area where your stove is installed. You can also make use of the electric turbo exhaust systems that are placed right above the gas stove to take care of this problem instantaneously. All you need to do is turn it on each time during your use of the stove.

Smoke Outdoors 

It’s preferable for your lungs if you don’t smoke at all, because the air pollution is being led right to the inside of your body. But if you do smoke, try to avoid smoking indoors, so that your family or living mates living with you are not affected by the leftover vapors of passive smoking. Moreover, these substances can also get trapped indoors leaving you exposed to them much longer than the 2 minute duration of smoking the cigarette.


Air pollution is a common problem in most households, but the good news is that it is easy to deal with using the effective methods that we’ve described above. 

Equipment used to combat Indoor Air Pollution by Professionals and DIY Home Users are: Axial Fan, Air Mover, Air Circulator, Air Scrubber, Dehumidifier etc.

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