How To Remove Mold At Home By Yourself

Mold is one of life’s more exasperating problems and yet at some point, and more likely, multiple times, you will have to deal with it mold remediation. From walls to floor tiles, mold leaves no surface unaffected once it starts growing. Not only is it unhygienic and extremely ugly to look at, but it is also known to cause health problems as well, such as allergic reactions and respiratory issues, due to the spores released by the fungi. If your mold problem has reached an incredible height, it is advised to hire professional mold cleaners for the job, as it can get tricky, and not to mention, dangerous. But if it is yet to get to that stage, and the mold affecting your home is only small amount, then you can follow the easy guide that we’ve laid out below to get rid of the nasty stuff.

How To Find The Mold? 

Your best bet to get rid of mold easily and quickly is to be on the lookout for it, so that it doesn’t get to grow and spread into a larger problem. Mold looks like black spots, so wherever you see unfamiliar black spots plaguing your home, you can test it using bleach. Pour bleach on the spots and if it results in disappearance of them, then it was probably mildew mold, which is a lesser evil. In the case, that it doesn’t disappear, your suspicion of it being dirt mold is confirmed.

Follow Proper Safety Measures 

Even a little amount of mold can have harmful effects, so you should make sure to follow the proper safety measures appropriately and strictly, especially if you are prone to allergies or have experienced any respiratory issues in the past. These safety measures include wearing the right kind of clothing, such as clothes that cover your whole body and one’s that you can discard after the process is over in order to avoid the spreading of the mold through your clothes. Apart from those, get yourself a thick pair of gloves along with an effective mask, such as the N95 mask to keep yourself safe from the fumes of the mold, along with putting on goggles to protect the eyes. Further, make sure that you’ve got good ventilation in the room, preferably in the form of disposable fans, as molds can also stick to the blades of the regular fan that you have at home.

Start The Mold Removal Operation 

After employing all the proper safety measures, you can get to business. Look thoroughly for all the areas afflicted with the mold, so that you can get to all of them at once and you aren’t met with further spread mold a week later, from a spot that you missed. Another thing to ascertain would be the source of the spread, which will make your cleaning process easier. Grab your mold cleaner and scrub away at the affected areas until satisfactory and then leave it to dry for about 15 minutes. After the solution has made its way and deeply penetrated the mold, you can proceed to wipe the solution along with the mold off with a cloth that you intend to throw away. A tip for wooden surfaces is to use wood primer on them after this, to give them a shinier and newer look.

To Conclude

This should conclude your mold removal process, make sure to follow these steps in order to complete the process in a safe manner. Another helpful addition would be to figure out the source of moisture that is causing mold to appear in your home, which will contribute to you not having to face this issue again. 

Popular Equipment used for Mold Prevention & Mold Removal by Professionals and Home Users is:  Air Mover, Air Scrubber, LGR Dehumidifier, HEPA Air Scrubber, Air Scrubber etc.

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