The following contains the official Privacy Policy of [ ]. This notice contains only
information that is or may be collected by our website. It will allow you to be notified of the
following information:
– What personal information that may be collected from you through using our website,
how it is used, and with whom it is subject to be shared.
– What rights and choices you have as a consumer regarding this use of your personal
– Our personal security measures in place to protect your private data.
– How you may correct any misrepresented or inaccurate information.
– Collection of Information, Its Use, and Sharing Information.
We maintain singular ownership of any and all information collected from this website.
The only information that we maintain access to is information that you (our client) provide to us.
We will not sell or distribute this information to any other entity.
If you should contact us through our Customer Service Center or through our other
support lines or forms, we may collect other information from you. This information is purely for
personal identification purposes, and is only given to us voluntarily. This information can contain
your name, email, and/or order number. This is necessary for us to collect your order
information and shipping information in order to best serve you.
Your information will only be used in order to contact you directly in the event that we
need to regarding your inquiries. We do not share your personal information with any other
entity outside of our company, except where it is necessary for us to do so, (e.g shipping
If you have chosen to receive communication from us, we may contact you via email
regarding new services or products, changes to the privacy policy, or even product promotions.
These communication options are changeable at any time by you.
In addition, we also collect certain information from you during the process of placing an
order. In order to purchase products or services through us, you must provide personally
identifying information such as:
– Your name.
– Shipping address.
– Phone number.
– Email address.
– Credit card information.
This information is purely for billing and shipping purposes. If there is any trouble
processing an order, we may use your information provided to contact you regarding the order
in question.
Please bear in mind that our team will never contact you via email to ask you to verify
your personal or financial information. If you should receive an email request to verify your
personal or financial information, please notify us immediately. If you should have any doubts
about emails coming from us and their authenticity, please contact us at [ ].
The primary reason for our use of collected information is in order to fulfill orders. This
information is not shared with third party companies. Any and all information that may be shared
will only be done so with your consent. This may happen in rare circumstances such as where it
is required by the law.
Our website uses ‘cookies’. A ‘cookie’ is a piece of data that is stored on the hard drive
in order to improve website information, and provide users with more targeted experiences. This
can manifest in the ability to remember your log-in information. ‘Cookies’ may also help us
enhance user experiences by tracking interested products and shopping habits to customize the
way we present products to our clients. ‘Cookies’ are not linked to your personally identifiable
information in any way. This information covers the use of ‘cookies’ used by our website only.
On certain occasions we might use ‘cookies’ to reconnect visitors back to our website.
This allows us to connect with previous buyers across the internet. This is done through Google
Analytics, Google Display Network Impression Reporting, Google Analytics Demographics, and
other such Google remarketing services. You may opt out of Google’s ‘cookie’ policy through
accessing your ‘cookie’ settings on Google.
All of our products are shipped and tracked through third party shipping companies. In
addition, our credit card processing is done through third party credit card processing services.
We are not associated with the privacy policies of these entities, and we encourage our clients
to visit their privacy policy pages for more information. Please note that all third party companies
we work with only use your personal information for the purpose of fulfilling orders.
Our website uses links that connect to other websites, We are not in any way
responsible or associated with the privacy policies of these external web pages. Please view
their own privacy policy pages for more information.
Our team posts personal reviews and testimonials of previous clients for marketing
purposes. These may contain personally identifiable information such as name, or location. This
information is never used without the personal consent of the reviewer/client.
There may be occasions in which our team may reach out to customers for information
via the use of surveys or contests/promotions. Your participation in these events is 100% of
your own volition, and is never required to make use of our services. The information collected
by these events may include your personal information, demographic information, and/or
contact information. This information will be used to track user engagement and satisfaction on
our website, and to send contest winnings if applicable.
We often send out emails containing product information, promotions, etc,. We offer a
service that allows you to suggest a friend to our services/products. In the event that you
choose this service, we will collect the email and name of your friend. We will send them a
one-time-only email inviting them to use our services and shop through us. We do not store or
track this information anywhere, and it is only used for this singular purpose.
– Accessing and Controlling Your Information.
At any point, you maintain the right to change all communications preferences with our
services. In all of our emails, you will find a link to our ‘unsubscribe’ options. By clicking this link,
you will unsubscribe from our emailing lists immediately. You may also opt out of, or change
your personal contact settings by contacting us at [ ].
– Security.
We take every necessary step possible to protect your personal information. Any and all
information collected through our website is protected both online and offline.
In the event that we collect personal information from you, that information will be encrypted
and transferred in encrypted/protected ways. This can be verified by the presence of ‘HTTPS’ in the
domain URL, and the lock icon at the bottom of your browser. This encryption is used to safeguard
all personal information from any outside sources from accessing it without your personal consent.
Our servers and computers which contain your personal information are also kept in secure
– Customer Verification.
It is our priority to provide our customers with safe and secure shopping experiences. In
order to guarantee this, we may use a customer verification process. This process gives us the
ability to quickly and easily verify your identity in order to protect you from identity theft or fraud.
The only time the customer verification process will be used is in the event of unusual activity
or errors during the process of ordering. For example, if your billing information is incorrect, or if our
system needs more information from you in order to process your order.
In this case, in order to fulfill your order, you may be asked to verify your identity. We will ask
you a series of simple questions that are targeted to verify who you are. These questions and
answers are chosen from public sources of information such as data records, consumer reporting
agencies, state bureaus, etc,. These questions are always voluntary, and you are in no way
obligated to provide answers. However, bear in mind that refusal to answer the verification process
questions can result in your order failing to ship.
If our team should need to verify your identity, you will be contacted by a member of our
team by phone. We reserve the right to utilize third party services designed for expediting the
customer verification process in a faster and more secure manner.
– Your Rights To Privacy in California.
Residents of California are afforded specific rights to their privacy through the California
Consumer Protection Act. The CCPA covers your right to:
– Access your personal information collected in any way, shape, or form in addition to the
information shared with third party entities.
– Delete your information should you not wish to share it with any entity who may have access
to it.
– The right to opt out of having your information collected and stored for any reason.
– The right to not be discriminated against no matter what your choices are regarding your
information privacy.
If you should have any questions regarding the CCPA, or should wish to exercise your CCPA
rights, please contact us at [ ].
– Privacy Policy Changes.
We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy at our own discretion. Should we
make changes to our privacy policy, we will post these changes in a manner accessible to our
customers. We ensure that our customers will always be made aware of any and all information
collected from them, and how it is used or shared by our website.
You may be notified of any changes to this policy via email, or through a public home page
notice on our website. We always fully comply with the law on any and all disclosures to our privacy
policy regarding your information use and collection.
– Contact Us.
If you should have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our privacy policy
please contact us immediately.