By law we are only required to collect sales tax on all orders delivered to a certain
number of states within the United States. Some states do require additional taxes and fees to
be collected from all online purchases in accordance with their local taxing authority.
States that have state specific taxing codes can be seen and reviewed below:
– Louisiana.
We are not obligated to, and in fact do not, collect sales or use tax from the state of
Louisiana. All online purchases of physical property and services subject to use taxation by the
Louisiana state tax authority are done so unless exempted specifically. There are no use tax
exemptions present as the items are purchased directly from an online retailer.
– South Dakota.
You may be obligated to owe the state of South Dakota use tax on all of your online
purchases according to the total price of the purchase. Please reference the Department of
Revenue of South Dakota for more information on their use tax forms and policies.
– The Simplified Sellers Use Tax Remittance Act of Alabama.
We collect a simplified use tax from sellers on all transactions subject to taxation into the
state of Alabama. This tax will be remitted on your behalf as a customer to the Department of
Revenue of Alabama. Our program account number is [ ].
– Exemptions from sales tax.
Certain corporations, businesses, and individuals may qualify for tax exempt status when
making purchases. If you qualify to make tax exempt purchases through us, please contact our
team at [ ]. Include in your email the following information:
– Name of your organization/business/person[s].
– Name of contact.
– Phone number of contact.
– Shipping address.
– A copy of your tax exemption form (filled).
Please contact our Customer Care Center for more information about taxation policies,
and terms.