Various Types of Mold

Mold is a harmful substance that shouldn’t be found at your house or any building. It is unhygienic, and it is also toxic to humans. You shouldn’t stay in the same place where you notice the growth of mold, as it can cause serious health problems. There are various kinds of mold, and its impact on an individual’s health varies. Mold is commonly present in houses and buildings, as they grow quickly in wet places. There are 12 commonly known types of mold known that are present in houses. The mold kinds range from mild to the most harmful. The most popularly known mold contains Aspergillus, and is among the types of mold found commonly in homes and is often harmful to those with a weak immune system.

Over fifteen different species of mold are toxic and harmful to an individual’s health. It is crucial to get rid of mold in your house or any other property when you notice it growing. Some of the kinds of mold that are present in houses and buildings are: 


This kind of mold is toxic and evolves with time in shape, and firstly it begins as a tiny damp mold and turns into powdery in substance. It can appear in different colours, such as pink, white, or orange. The mold grows with time in damp areas inside your houses, like humidifiers, drain pans, etc. If you’re exposed to acremonium, it can pose serious health problems for you.


Alternaria is a commonly found allergenic mold around the world. It has a characteristic velvety texture with dark green and brown hair. Similar to other kinds of mold, it grows damp, moist places. It can grow in places due to water leaks, and cause allergies, breathing problems.


This kind of mold is found growing on wood surfaces, or behind wallpapers. It can grow over time and cause several skin infections.


Unlike other molds, Fusarium also grows when the temperature is cold. Containing both allergenic and toxic characteristics, it grows quickly in houses that have water leaks or damage.


The sort of mold such as Stachybotrys is among the most dangerous types of toxic mold that can cause severe diseases, which can damage the liver and kidney. It can be easily noticed, as it develops on wet wood or paper surfaces as a slimy greenish-black mold.


This kind of mold grows rapidly in wet, moist places. Houses or any property with water damage will have Ulocladium growing on the moist places. It can be found on kitchen, bathroom, basements, humidifiers, etc.


Mucor is the mold type which develops in dense spots and is often greyish or white. It can be found growing next to AC’s or HVAC systems. It is an allergic substance, which can cause symptoms of asthma.

Preventing Mold Growth

Having covered that mold causes severe health problems, which is why it is pertinent to treat mold to prevent its growth. It is always better to have it examined by experts and not touch it yourself as it can be harmful. 

Popular Equipment used for Mold Prevention & Mold Removal by Professionals and Home Users are:  Air Mover, Air Scrubber, LGR Dehumidifier, HEPA Air Scrubber, Air Scrubber etc.

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